Monday, 30 January 2012


On saturday, Neil popped down for a few hours with our target being to try out some of our new toys from Andy at Jackslrf in the hope of bagging some pollack. Well that was the plan but as with all great plans it had its flaw, for some reason, try as we did, we just couldnt find any pollack. We threw lure after lure jumping from rock to rock and bay to bay but to no avail. Whether it was the ebb tide or the pollack were concentrating and gorging on the herring and pilchards shoals that we could see were being dived upon by the gannets, who knows? So a change of plan was called for and a move back up inside Porth Hellick bay to test out the lures on the ever reliable wrasse.

I chose a Hawg Wild Lures 4'' Watermellon Seed Stickbait, above, as this colour has been really successful for me recently. Seriously, first cast and i could see a fish following the lure, stopped reeling in and just twitched the stickbait and bang, fish on and 4.10lb wrasse safely netted and released after a quick weigh and photo. Remember, treat these wrasse with care and respect. They may appear tough but if you are going to weigh them, put them in a plastic bag first so that they go back in the same condition that you caught them. That way you can catch them again, when they are even BIGGER!!!!!!

Meanwhile Neil had been catching a steady stream of fish to nearly 3lbs on a crimson tide Nojo Baits 4.5'' lure twitched back really slowly.

 These Nojo lures below were being attacked virtually as soon as the lure hit the water with the favourite colour today being the purple or crimson tide version. They have an incredible action when moved as the tails are incredibly thin and any movement however small seemed to get the wrasse's attention and encourage them to nail it! I had my arse well and truly kicked today so revenge will be mine when I whoop Neil on his island, Bryher next weekend!

A great afternoons sport and awesome fun trying these lures out, plenty more to try and will keep you posted on our adventures.

Until next time.........


  1. Great post Del those nojos are cracking baits as are the hawgs had a good few fish on the bigger version during last year
    Looking forward to more of you're exploits

    Tight lines


  2. Filthy habit to get into Del......... Hawgs are awesome nailed loads of nice fish on them last season

    tight lines


  3. Ha ha it certainly is danny!!!!!!!!!!!!! that henry has alot to answer for i reckon!!
    Got some more new toys to play with this wknd...........

  4. Brilliant, glad to see i'm not the only one hrf'ing in the scillies, I stay on bryher for a week every year, and have had great success with hrf kit the last 3 years. Never seen another soul targeting the wrasse. In fact I think a lot of the locals thought I was a bit bonkers lol.
    Looking forward to reading this regularly, well done for making the effort with the blog, it looks great

  5. cheers fella! we must meet up when u r over next time. there are some seriously monster wrasse to be had on bryher not to mention the pollack off shipman head too! My mate neil lives on bryher and is seriously into hrf, hes had some stonking wrasse to 7.3 lbs and pollack to 12lbs and its just a start hopefully!

  6. I am glad to see that you enjoy Nojo's baits. Keep catching em guys.
    Luigi Lucas
    Owner Nojo's Baits

  7. thankyou Luigi, the nojos r a very effective lure thats for sure!!!! only small movements with the rod imparts an amazing action to them and makes them swim and dart all over the place!!!