Sunday, 22 January 2012


Now a strange title you may think for the first post on Scilly Lure Addicts, but bare with me. Having only recently got into this hrf lark, i have been going over old wrasse haunts that i havent fished for years. But instead of using the heavy old gear that i used back then with worms, crabs and gobies for bait i have been armed with a megabass rod, small fixed spool, braid and a handful of soft plastics. I would wait for ages to get big old ballans out with the old gear and techniques but this is all about having fun and enjoying the sport from heavy weight ballan wrasse. Its so much easier to travel light, have a couple of casts here, move to the next rock and keep going until you find the fish.

PorthHellick was the place to go today as we are suffering from NW winds at the moment that have made alot of the deeper rock marks unfishable due to heavy swells. The great thing with the islands is that no-matter where the wind is you can always find some shelter and hopefully fish!!!

 As you can see, the spot is nice and shallow, big boulders everywhere and plenty of kelp around which the wrasse love. With the flood tide the wrasse come up into the bay, using the gullies and boulders to ambush their prey. I started out towards the entrance to the bay and moved up inside with the flood tide, following the wrasse on the way. Started with my old faithfull, a Hart Absolut Worm rigged texas style on a 1/0 Gamakatsu hook and the wrasse were about in big numbers, had 6 fish out of one spot up to 4.13lbs before the tide pushed me off my boulder so a move inside the bay was needed!

With so many wrasse about I chopped and changed and had another good one of 5.2lbs on a crawfish pattern.

A change of lure to one of the soft plastics that andy kendrick from jacks lrf has kindly sent me to try, I chose a 6'' green senko type worm and rigged texas style, straight from the off the wrasse were going mad for it with this fish goin 5lbs.

They certainly were loving the green colour thats for sure!! Whether it was the senko worm or the hog from jacks lrf, just aslong as it was green! Constant sport with wrasse coming thick and fast.

Ended up with 26 wrasse to 5.2lbs and not one set out tackle lost!!! Compare that to the old methods that i would have used before and hrf is something pretty special!!!!


  1. Great stuff Del! Those who say the gear for this sort of fishing is expensive need to learn how to use it properly. Even the roughest and nastiest grounds can be very successfully fished with absolute minimal losses.
    Cant wait for round two now. Well done mate.

  2. Pics looks great, keep it up!

    Ive got something else to follow and read now!

    I just bought 5.5 inch senko style chatreuse worms the other day - might give them a blast at wrasse. Some cracker ones up round the NW of Ireland.

    Tight lines,

    Stevie N

  3. Great first post Del, keep up the good work - Great photos and write up!

    Lure fishing for Wrasse seems to be coming very popular right now!#

    Fishtec Tackle.

  4. Great first post Del and cool photos looks and reads like a great session looking forward to reading about your next trip

    Tight lines


  5. Thankyou for the kind words guys!! Really enjoying scaling down the tackle and having some fun with the wrasse, they certainly go on lighter tackle!! Will be targeting pollack at night as soon as this latest gale goes through so hopefully new post up soon......

  6. Why hello there! Super jealous of the wrasse action - where were the blighters hiding when we fished up at Watermill at Christmas?! I tried course fishing in Throop a few weeks ago but got no bites at all - I am not having much luck am I?! However, we're starting to plan for Cuba now - we've made a list of all Henry's lure recommendations and I'm planning on purchasing quite a few this weekend. Mostly I want pink and sparkly ones!! There is a particularly awesome sounding one called "The Honey Trap" and I just have to have one of those! I am not going to leave Cuba until I have a photograph of me holding a very big barracuda! Keep up the blogging - very enjoyable reading plus I want to get tips of where to try next time I'm home!

  7. A simply awesome way to spend a few hours. Nice one on all the wrasse! Just out of interest, is that the Shimano Stradic CI4 you use?