Sunday, 10 November 2013


Due to many reasons such as a much needed holiday to Ireland targeting bass and general busyness with work I had totally forgotten to write up a trip to Bryher that I did last month. Slack I know!!

Pretty much all the fishing for wrasse that I do is always done on the flood so I really wanted to fish some of the shallow marks but on the back tide to see how they compare. I have always favoured the flood tide, getting to the marks at low water and fishing the boulder gullies as they cover. The wrasse come into the gullies with the tide so it was going to be interesting to see how long they stayed on the ebb.

I fished a gulley that has around 10 feet of water at high tide and moved down the bay and gullies with the tide. Fishing was pretty hectic from the word go with lots of small sized wrasse hitting the lures so it was a matter of fishing through the smaller ones before the larger wrasse got in on the action.

This 5.2lb fish hit me in about 8ft of water and took a Wave 3'' Grasscraw in watermelon and red flake.

The larger fish were hitting the lures and several 4lb fish soon appeared.

This one took the ever faithful Yoshikawa Superworm again in watermelon colour.
It was seemingly no different to what the fishing would be like on the flood tide as I was finding plenty of small wrasse with the odd bigger fish as well.

This one was the biggest of the session at 5.6lbs and was a real chunky fish with a fat belly that fought really well in 5ft of water. At this point the tide was rapidly leaving the gullies and it was time for my boat home.

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