Friday, 2 August 2013

A round up of July

Its the busy time of the year over here in the Isles of Scilly so sadly work has been getting in the way of me fishing although I have managed a few sessions. I thought I would bring them all together for one big post to show how the islands have been fishing. July has seen a few anglers and friends over to target the pollack and wrasse on lures and with the weather gods looking on us favourably the fishing has been pretty good!!

At the start of the month former UKSF casting champion and now mad keen lure angler Andy Green (the wellington wrong'un to some) came over to stay with me and to attempt to break his lure caught wrasse pb of 3.5lbs. Well the old boy well and truly smashed it on many occasions!!!!!!!!!!!!

We fished a few spots after I had finished work and found the wrasse in a very obliging mood. Although the spot we fished was majorly snaggy it was almost a wrasse a chuck at times. Just a shame we lost a couple of stonking fish!!!

Andy with a lovely 4lb wrasse that hit his Hawg Stickbait hard on the first cast on one of the sessions, cheeky sod, I hadnt even set up when he had this one!!!!

As the weather was fantastic we manged to get over to Bryher on my day off and smashed the wrasse big time but sadly the spot that I was really keen to take Andy to fish was blown out. We still did well in the really sheltered bays in only a few feet of water with the old codger upping his wrasse pb to 4.5lbs, well chuffed for him!!!!

I had several over 4lbs as well with a couple of donkeys that smashed me up!!

Andy went back the following day whilst I was at work and smashed a heap load of wrasse again from the spot that I was desperate for him to fish. Again he had them up to 4lbs but lost a couple he couldnt stop!!!

On his final day he even upped his pollack best on lures to just under 5lbs that gave him a good scrap in 8ft of water over some serious boulders, nice one mate!!!!!!!

Young Liam Faisey was next over and had some awesome pollack sport and even managed to up his pb to just under 7lbs!!!!!

I managed to get back up to Bryher with perfect conditions on my next day off, it was a truly epic session with wrasse a cast out of one big gulley. Several fish over 4lbs with the biggest going 5lbs and all fought really well. 

I had 42 before Neil joined me and we kept on moving and catching wrasse as the tide flooded until it was time to head back home. 72 wrasse later and the majority all took the awesome Yoshikawa Superworm in watermelon or black.

So as you can see, the fishing when we havent been working has been pretty good. Great numbers of wrasse but the larger ones have been sadly lacking, we have hooked them but just been unable to have that bit of luck that you need to get them out of their kelpy lairs.

So on that note I will leave you with a photo of Tony Chesworth's stonking wrasse of 6.14lbs, awesome lure caught wrasse mate well done!!!!!!!!! He said it gave him a mental scrap and several times took him to the bottom before he could land it!!!!

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