Tuesday, 29 January 2013


As with most if not everyone, this weather is really getting to me! When I look back on last winters diary it is frightning to see how little I have been out fishing this year due to gale after gale!!! I had to get out on sunday as cabin fever was setting in. Problem was it has been so bad around the islands this last week that I had to search the entire coastline to find some clear water, I honestly cant remember it ever being this stirred up and dirty!!!

I eventually found some shelter and clear water at the corner of Porthhellick, a spot that hasnt really been the same since it was netted by somebody for wrasse to freeze down for pot bait, but it was the only place to fish so I had to give it a go. I set up with the Century HPR 7'3'' and a texas rigged Jacks 4'' Hog in the Craw Swirl, (a lure that worked particularly well at this venue last winter) completed the set up. The sea was starting to discolour as the tide covered the boulder strewn brow so I wasnt going to get long before heading home.

With my polaroids on I could see afew fish starting to appear, moving over the boulders and after a couple of casts the wrasse came on  the feed.

Admitedly they werent the biggest wrasse that I have ever caught, but after an age of not fishing, they were very welcome indeed!!!!

I saw a better sized fish almost at my feet so cast to where I thought it was heading towards and bang, a much better sized wrasse was soon heading towards the landing net.

At 4.8lbs it certainly was worth braving the elements for and after recovering in a rock pool I took the opportunity to test out my new cameras underwater feature. Something that I will be trying a great deal more over the coming weeks.

By now the sea had come over the boulders and the water was too dirty to fish effectively so it was time to head home. At least I hadnt blanked and had finally managed to blow the cobwebs off the tackle-roll on the spring I say!!!!!!!!


  1. Cracking report Del, nice to see at least somebody can get out for a few fish.

    tight lines


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  3. Dunno what happened there, only the last 3 letters got posted..

    Anyway, get that sun tan lotion off your skin and get back out there fishing, Del. She who MUST be obeyed can't keep you home for over a month with no fishing. It's jut not decent, lol.

    Looking forward to the next episode.