Monday, 6 August 2012


With work in full swing these last few weeks it has been incredibly difficult to arrange a session with Neil, work doesnt half get in the way of fishing (come on lottery numbers!!). Thankfully we managed to meet up on sunday for a few hours over on St.Agnes to fish a spot we last fished with Simon and Jim when they were over visiting. Back then the wrassing on soft plastics was going off in a big way, plenty of fish including that 5.10lb brute and as they were  spawning blue was THE colour. It was going to be interesting to see how the mark would fish at a different time of year!

We started going through the lures in the box, having 4 or 5 casts with each lure to find the lure and colour of the day but we were really struggling. Several small taps, very tentative indeed and a couple of times we found the buggers had nipped the tail or a tentacle off!! 

A change to a small Yoshikawa Super Worm and on the second cast I finally connect with a spirited 4lb fish.

Maybe things were finally looking up and the bigger fish were starting to show as the next cast on yet another lure, this time a Watermellon Senko produced a 4.5lb fish.

After several more casts and a couple of smaller fish it was time to change lures again as it had become pretty quiet again! I put on a Hawg Wild 4'' Crawfish and an incredibly slow twitch and long pause resulted in 3.5lb ballan the same colour as the lure!

Neil was finding the same and we were going through the lures, chopping and changing in the hope of finding a lure that would constantly produce the goods! Again we were getting plenty of small plucks and put it down to small fish?

We were getting the odd small fish ranginging up to 2.5lbs until a final change to a lure of 2'' produced small tentative takes but this time with the smaller lure and smaller hook I connected and up surfaced another 4lb fish.

It was a real struggle to find any great numbers or size of fish today as to why that was the case, I am not entirely sure but after consulting with wrasse sensei Keith White he and his team have noticed this same pattern over in the Channel Islands (reassuring!!). Whether it has something to do with water temperature, atmospheric pressures or maybe they just arent as aggressive in their feeding patterns we may never know, but that is what makes fishing so absorbing. One day you think you have it cracked and then the fish change the rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Del, just to let you know i'll be arriving on Bryher tomorrow early afternoon staying at the campsite fishing until Saturday. If you fancy a sesh on any of the islands with Neil let me know. Me number is 07717 693 570, give us a buzz. Cheers, Jim.