Thursday, 12 July 2012


Christ two posts in a couple of days, whats wrong with me?????????????????

I had an email a few months ago from a seriously competent and successful young angler, Liam Faisey who was coming over to the Isles of Scilly with his girlfriend Holly and his family and wanted to sample some of the pollack and wrasse fishing that we have here. He was most keen to try his hand at using soft plastics compared to the usual way he fishes with bait. I replied and we had several conversations regarding what lures he should bring over, an order was quickly despatched from Jackslrf and he arrived with his selection ready to give it a blast!

He and his girlfriend ventured out many times to Peninnis Head and had great fun with some awesome pollack to 5.11lbs (he lost a fish thought to be a double and Holly lost a 7lb fish on the surface, gutted for you both mate!!!!!!!!)

Nice pollack of 4.4lbs

A new pb for Liam of 5.11lbs

They also managed to get in amongst the many cuckoo wrasse that inhabit a particular reef in the deep waters of Peninnis Head. Stunning colours, you have got to love those bright blue and orange that make cuckoos so distinguishing!!!

With work sadly getting in the way of me joining them, we finally managed to get out to try our luck at using soft plastics to target the wrasse marks under the airport. Usually these spots produce fish after fish but strangely tonight was the exception. As to why the sport was slow to start I have no idea, sometimes thats fishing for you hey!! We moved around trying different gullies and holes and lures until we started to find the fish.  Liam was quickly getting the hang of this type of fishing, twitching his Jacks Own 3'' Crawfish to entice a few nice fish.

We continued to move around and settled in a nice bouldery bay that has done the business for me in the past. Sport was much better here with bites, knocks and fish every cast!!! Much more like it although the fish were smaller, everybody was catching and both Liam and Holly had multiple hook ups!

I even managed to find a few fish too which is always a bonus!

We caught plenty of wrasse in the end and had a real good laugh which is the whole point of going fishing isnt it???? I think Liam realised straight away how successful fishing soft plastics can be sometimes and said that he will be trying it when he gets back to Cornwall on some of his wrasse marks.

I am sure that I will be hearing from Liam soon to say that he has broken another pb and got himself a 6lber!!!!!!!!!!!!

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